Pinterest Definition

Pinterest Definition

Pinterest is a social networking website that allows you to organize and share ideas with others. You can share your own content as well as things that other Pinterest users have posted.

Once you register for a free account, you can create your own “boards” to organize your content. Examples of topics include recipes, home decor, photography, quotes, and games. You can upload images and “pin” them to relevant boards. Other Pinterest users can browse your boards and comment on individual items. Likewise, you can browse other users’ boards and “Like,” “Repin,” or comment on their pinned items.

Similar to Twitter, Pinterest allows you to follow other users. If you find another user’s content to be especially interesting, you can click “Follow All” to have all their boards show up in your account in real-time. If you only want to follow specific boards, you can click “Follow” next to each board you want to follow. Pinterest does not inform users when you choose to unfollow them.

To experience Pintrest for yourself, visit the Pinterest website.